About Cat Cable

About Cat Cable

Shiraz Special Cables Ind. Was established in 2002 to serve Iranian market and for exports. Company is based in Shiraz industrial city located 10 Km. from Shiraz. Cat Cable occupies 40,000 square meter of prime manufacturing space with laboratories, storage area and associated design offices.

Cat Cable is specialized in manufacturing both copper and aluminum conductor cables also distributing electrical cables. The production capacity of the company is 22000 tons annually.

Shiraz Special Cables Ind. (Cat Cable) is committed to the production of the best product quality and services. The company utilizing cutting edge international technology in its manufacturing.

The core technologies in production process, material handling, logistic procedure, and the key functions being managed by Iranian engineers.

The core technologies in production process, material handling, logistic procedure, and the key functions being managed by Iranian engineers.

Cat cable has flexibility to produce a versatile production range to serve the construction, electrical utilities, power distribution, industrial, oil and gas and petrochemical sectors. The cables produced comply with both national and international standards such as ISIRI, IEC, NF, BS, VDE, etc.

Production Capacity

C.A.T cable, according to the permit no.1082530 date:24.04.2002 with nominal capacity 4750 tons, began its activity, during the first 3 years achieved %90 of nominal capacity, simultaneously, developments & design unit of the factory for the increasing the qualitative and quantitative production power was materialized., which could raise the capacity to 22,000 tons(dated:24.09.2006 ,operation license no.10823407.

C.A.T cable products

  • Different types of power single string cables up to cross section of 630 mm
  • Different types of sector multi-string cables up to cross section of 300 mm
  • Aluminum and self-perpetuating cable
  • Different type of Afshan, control,shielded and wire cables
  • Different types of coaxial & RG cables
  • Precise instrumentation and concentric insulated with p.v.c & XLPE cables types
  • Different type of Afshan, control,shielded and wire cables
  • Different types of special cables as per customer order

Production lines equipments and machineries

All Cat Cable production machineries are supplied by the top of the cable machine suppliers. From start up with wire drawing line to extrusion lines, to assembly machines up to the laboratories and the final test fields. The technical equipments are provided with the highest international standards of electronic

Control equipment and measuring devices which insures that the requirements of different quality standards are met. Machines includes the following:

/ Henrich 8mm wire drawing machine with the production speed of up to 30 m/s.
/ Henrich 12 wire intermediate machine, 30 m/s.
/ Henrich 2 wire intermediate drawing machine 30 m/s.
/ Super fine machine ,40 mm/s.
/ Iranian rod breakdown machine,20 m/s.
/ 61 wire Austrian Rosendahl stranding machine.
/ 7 wire German stranding machine.
/ 60 mm Troester extrusion line.
/ 120 mm Rosendahl extrusion line.
/ 45+25 mm co-extrusion line.
/ Setic Bunching machine(3 sets), with the speed of 2000 rpm.
/ Bema twinners with 1500 rpm.
/ 60 mm German made extrusion line.
/ 90 mm German made extrusion line.
/ Braiders(11 sets).
/ Wardwell Braider machines(5 sets).
/ Spirka Braiders with 250 rpm speed.
/ Stolberger Rewinder.
/ Coilers (3 sets).
/ British Jet printers.
/ Bobbin winders.
/ Binder applicators.

In order to supply PVC raw material to Cat Cable production lines, this company has established two granulating machines (PK 100 and PK 400) to its site.

Products Market

Respectfully, it is notified, with considering to the growth in quality and quantity , variety in productions, controlling, as well as continual improvement in products production methods, this company has devoted wide spectrum of Iran cable and wire market in both private and governmental department.

Governmental department

In governmental department, we are one of the main supplier source of electricity industry need in main part of the country. currently, great part of needful cable for electricity force distribution companies such as Khuzestan,Isfahan,Fars,Tehran,Mazandaran as well as east and west Azerbijan,Mashad electricity force distribution companies,Ahvaz,Shiraz,Tehran,Gilan,Kurdestan and Lorestan,…
Telecommunicational cables of this company are distributed to the telecommunication company of Lorestan province,Fars province,Khorasan Razavi,distant telecommunication,Irancell.
In industry and constructional projects,this company is regarded as needful supplier source for Khatamolanbia station project,(karun2,3,Kutund dam),Isfahan ferro-melting development plan, Aluminum of Almahdi, Rafsanjan Copper, Kish Island airport and port development,Mapna company,(combinational cycle and power plant),ministry of road and transport(zal bridge),Asaluyeh projects,Zagross petrochemistry,BIK port,Meybin,Iran shazand & Tondguyan refinery,Razi serum and vaccine making company,Tehran municipality(holy defense museum garden)Velayat Park,Azadi street lighting,Azadi tower,Imam Khomeini Mosalla,…Iran telecommunication factory,sairan company .national oil com. of Iran, defense industry.

Private department

In private department, production of this company can satisfy industrial units needs of Iran industrial designing companies, Saveh Cement, North Cement, Nahavand Cement, The Cement Abeik Cement, Tufalsaghf Companies,Havayar industrial Keysun,Alborz flour,Isfahan tile,Faryad mine girder,several projects of Maskan mehr,Behshar industrial development subordinate companies.
Mainly, in huge level, electricity cables from low pressure up to cross section of 500,control cable, shielded cables, electricity cables up to 630 as cross section as well as different cables XLPE square millimeter(mm2), precise instrumentation cables, electricity cable with armored radio frequency. Ranzhh wire, are distributed to market as well.